Welcome Back

August 8, 2022

Island City families,

Welcome back to school! This school year holds a lot of promise for all of us. I know that we are all looking forward to a great start and all of the good things the school year has to offer. I appreciate you sticking with us through the pandemic and all of the changes that were thrown our/your way. This year we are focusing on making school enjoyable for our students and families. We want to learn all we can and have a great time doing it. We hope that you will join us along the way. We are busy planning and getting excited for some family events throughout the year. 

Like I mentioned above, we want to learn all we can this year. Our students made tremendous progress and growth last year and I believe we are poised to see even more this year. Consistent, in person schooling provides so many opportunities for students to learn, grow and develop. I am asking for your help with your student’s attendance this year. School matters and that consistency matters in their education. I have seen the mentality shift the last couple of years. The messaging has been to stay home if there's any doubt about health and then we add in trips, family emergencies, medical appointments and the list goes on. What I am asking is your support in prioritizing school attendance. You will see kids that are learning at a high level and finding joy in their school experience. Their behavior, emotional regulation, self confidence and desire to learn will increase. They will experience high levels of success and you will see the growth in all of these areas in your homes. 

A wise educator once shared with me the three keys to having a great educational experience. I challenge you to help me with these values and messaging in your home. 

  1. Attendance- Attend every day you can, be consistent, prioritize education

  2. Attitude- Come ready to learn, expect great things to happen and look for the good in your day

  3. Academics- learn all you can and give great effort while you do it

These priorities will be shared often with students and families this year. Share these with your friends and family. Share these with your students. Help them see the valuable opportunity that they have this school year. Everyone only has so many school years, and it falls on the parents and educators to help their students get the most out of them. My promise is that if you get them here, we’ll make great things happen. 


Brett Smith

Principal, Island City Elementary

*Please visit our website for our parent student handbook for more information on schedules, classes, and any other question you may have. You will find the handbook under Parent resources