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What is Conscious Discipline?

Conscious Discipline

Hello Self Regulation!

Island City Elementary is a school working to implement Conscious Discipline. A self-regulation structure and curriculum that teaches students to regulate behaviors, create a culture of safety, and promote core values to create a school family and supports students learning the skills and powers to problem solve through their lives.

 What does this look like?

Students learn first about the brain, and how their emotions can impact the brain and learning. When we have big feelings, our brains are not ready to listen and learn. How do we change from “bug crazy mad” or a state of big feelings to “calm and ready”? We follow the steps to self-regulation. These can be used by anyone, at anytime.

  1. I am in a safe place (a space to work through big feelings safely)

  2. I can calm myself (deep breathing strategies)

  3. I feel (identify feelings and be ready to choose)

  4. I choose (strategies to further find calm and be ready to problem solve)

  5. I solve (what can I do to solve this problem? What solution would work best)

  6. I am ready to learn!

According to conscious discipline and Dr. Becky Bailey, a school family needs three essential ingredients: willingness to learn, impulse control, and attention. These three components promote optimal development of all of its members.

 “Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive emotional intelligence and classroom management system that integrates all domains of learning (social, emotional, physical, cultural and cognitive) into one seamless curriculum. It evolves from constantly asking, “Is there a better way,” and seeking the most current information provided by varied disciplines from neuroscience to mindfulness research to developmental psychology and beyond. The following papers, articles, research and texts are among the many materials that provide support for the concepts and framework of Conscious Discipline.”

 For more information visit: consciousdiscpline.com


Counselor's Corner!

Parents Guide to Growth Mindset.jpg

Hello Island City Families! Growth Mindset...What is the buzz all about? Staff and students at Island City Elementary School are focusing on a Growth Mindset this year. Check back here on the website or follow us on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/Island-City-Elementary-PTO-172279706122709/ for more helpful and exciting information about how to support a Growth Mindset at home. 

According to the Big Life Journal's How to teach Growth Mindset to kids: The 4 Week Guide, a "Growth Mindset occurs when we believe our intelligence and abilities can be improved upon with effort and the right strategies. A willingness to confront challenges, a passion for learning and viewing failure as a springboard for growth are all characteristics associated with a growth mindset. Not surprisingly, this type of mindset is strongly linked to greater happiness and achievement in life. In contrast, those with a fixed mindset believe their intelligence and abilities cannot be altered in a meaningful way. As a result, mistakes are often seen as failures rather than opportunities to grow and learn. When stuck in a fixed mindset, we may fear new experiences, avoid risks, and feel the need to repeatedly prove ourselves over and over."

We would love for you to ask your student how they are developing a Growth Mindset! Having reminders in the home to keep working hard will definitely help us to reinforce this valuable learning strategy!

- Neesha

Building Character


We will be working on COURAGE throughout April. Courageous students know the difference between right and wrong. They are confidant and don't worry about what others may think of them! They do the right thing, even when it is hard or unpopular. Courageous students stand up for their friends and classmates and have a growth mindset to push through adversity.

We will be discussing COURAGE all month long so we would love your help reinforcing this trait through your discussions at home. Encourage your student to be courageous!!!

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Island City Announcements!

Conscious Discipline For Families

Eastern Oregon Head Start is offering another class series for families interesting in learning more about Conscious Discipline and trauma informed care. This is a wonderful resource for individuals and families! Classes will begin Wednesday, March 13th from 5:30 to 7:30. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact EO Head Start.

Conscious Discipline Class