Island City Elementary Book Fair with students shopping

Island City Elementary – Book Fair



Island City Elementary was excited to celebrate an annual event this week (October 3-7) – the annual Scholastic Book Fair. Held in the school’s library, the fair was another great return to a fun, pre-pandemic event that could be enjoyed by students and families alike.


Marilyn Ricker, Library Clerk at the school, said this year’s Book Fair has been especially fun because students have had multiple opportunities to visit the fair and browse the books, unlike last year when time together was limited due to COVID exposure risk. “This year, I love how excited the kids have been to really get a chance to see all the books, get them in their hands and also to have their parents and families enjoy looking together.”  The school had Family Night at the Book Fair on Wednesday, drawing about 100 people.


Ricker said while students purchase a variety of books, especially popular right now are graphic novels, similar to comic books of previous decades. Some authors of children’s books, like Magic Tree House and I Survived, are turning their previous books into graphic novels, appealing to the new trend.


In addition to students purchasing books at the Book Fair, each ICE teacher has a Teacher Wish list of books they would like for their classrooms, which parents can purchase for them. Ricker also purchases a book for each classroom from the proceeds from the Book Fair. The school’s library receives a percentage of the fair proceeds, which Ricker said will probably be about $4,000 this year. She will use it to purchase new books for the school library – books she will love to see students enjoy again and again.