Bulletin board that says, "Compassion comes in cans. I can! You can! We can!" cans of food are piled below the board

December 16, 2021

Island City Elementary

Island City Elementary students not only attained their goal of contributing 1,000 food items for the Island City Lions Club to distribute to families needing assistance, but brought in a whopping 2,500 items! Fueled by a class competition but especially by generosity, students steadied towers of cans and lugged boxes of food stuffs through the doors each morning to add to the donations stacked near the school gymnasium. Piles of cans and boxes of soup, beans, fruit and more accumulated beneath a bulletin board's motivational words, "Compassion comes in cans. I can! You can! We can!"

"The students were proud to bring in their donations and would exclaim as the items started to take more and more room in our hallway," shared Island City Elementary Secretary Dena Tams. "We are very proud of their enthusiasm for helping others."