What do kids learn in kindergarten? Kids are playing around the word, "LEARN"

Kindergarten is an important step in a student's academic success. La Grande School district’s highly skilled kindergarten teachers help each of their students progress in foundational competencies like number and letter recognition, small motor skills, group collaboration, effective social interaction and emotional intelligence. 

LGSD kindergarten classrooms are designed to be optimal learning environments for our youngest students. Engaging books, bright colors, friendly faces, small furniture and activity stations help student success. Kindergarten activities are fun and engage students visually and audibly. They allow students to touch and experience their learning.

Students in LGSD kindergarten classes are taught American Sign Language (ASL) and enjoy learning to sign new words and letters to share with their families. ASL accelerates foundational reading skills and adds a kinesthetic (physical movement) memory connection for acquiring new skills. It also develops the small muscles necessary for writing.

During math, students often practice the skills and concepts learned in core instruction by playing in small groups or participating in partner games.  The children learn to collaborate, problem solve, and work together as a team with positivity and perseverance, while honing early math concepts.

Some favorite kindergarten classroom activities in our schools include ramp building, creating leprechaun traps, drawing, painting, hatching live chicks in an incubator, investigating the metamorphosis of caterpillars, and planting flowers in the spring. Children are engaged and experience the excitement of learning, exploring, and using their imaginations. 

Our kindergarten teachers look forward to meeting their students this fall. Register your child for kindergarten if they are five years of age by September 2, 2021. Call your local elementary school and visit with our staff to get your child registered.

Which elementary school will my child attend? Check out our boundary map or call any elementary school for help.

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