News from the La Grande School District over the image of mt emily


Date: March 31, 2024

On the evening of March 31, 2024, La Grande High School administration was made aware of an allegation that a student had brought a weapon/alleged handgun to school prior to Spring Break with the suspicion that it may be brought to campus when school resumed on April 1, 2024. Administration immediately met with law enforcement and investigated all claims with identified parties in the allegation. School safety and weapons policies were considered and followed. Within a few hours, LHS administration and law enforcement found that all allegations of weapons on school property prior to Spring Break or potentially after the break were unsubstantiated. 

We appreciate the support of our students, staff, and community in notifying us of the potential threat and the effective response of school administration and law enforcement to resolve this situation quickly. Student and staff safety remain our top priority. 

In conclusion, all students are safe to be on campus beginning April 1, 2024, the conclusion of Spring Break. As a precautionary measure, LGPD and the Sheriff's Dept. will have law enforcement patrols in and around campus tomorrow. We want you to have the facts so that you can discuss them with your child and emphasize the seriousness of this issue. Please feel free to call our school district at 541-663-3202 or send me a message at