Care solace calming the chaos of mental health care

La Grande School District Selects Care Solace for Mental Health Care Coordination Services

La Grande School District selected Care Solace, an organization determined to calm the chaos of mental health care coordination, to expand access to community mental health and substance use treatment providers for students, staff, and their families. Care Solace is an additional wrap around support service that will first look to connect families to CHD and other local mental health networks for primary services. Center for Human Development (CHD) in La Grande remains the primary mental health services partner for the school district. We are thankful and proud of the services that we receive with our school based health center in our high school as well as our mental health therapists in our school buildings.

La Grande School District will use Care Solace to support its mission of Empowering Learners to Learn, Staff to Thrive, and Community to Prosper.  In addition, the support of Care Solace aligns to the district’s core values of social emotional and individual well-being.

The Care Solace partnership provides an added layer of support to connect students, staff, and families to mental health and substance use treatment providers.

  • Serves as a guide for families while navigating services for mental health and substance use treatment providers.

  • A Care Companion™ team is available to quickly and confidentially find available providers in the community. 

  • Care Solace also equips school systems with a customized online tool that gives community members a way to anonymously search for community-based providers matched to their needs.

  • Assists with a warm hand off to a provider and stays next to the family during the process

  • Provides resources to services giving families more options and more choice.

With Care Solace, families and staff gain access to a dedicated Care Companion™ to navigate the mental health care system on their behalf, calling providers to find the right fit and availability. They help families with private insurance, Medicaid, and no insurance, and are available 24/7/365 in any language.

Care Solace’s care navigation system uses proprietary technology and a vast database of behavioral and mental health care resources to find carefully verified therapists and programs in minutes.

Care Solace will also expand access to other mental health services based on accessing services and insurance needs. “We encourage students, staff and families to use CHD and CHD resources first as best they can. Our goal is to ensure 24/7, 365 days of support with Care Solace representatives to assist in helping families get the services they need. Care Solace is an additional resource to support our students and families,” Mendoza said.

The Care Solace service is now available at no cost to La Grande School District students, staff, and their families. 

For more information about Care Solace, please visit