COVID End of School Letter

Date: May 11, 2020

Dear La Grande SD students and families,

As the school year draws to a close, we want to thank you for helping your student(s) navigate the school restrictions of this COVID-19 closure period. We recognize that learning from home has been challenging for families and students as they have not been able to physically access teachers, counselors, staff, activities, athletics, and friends that are important positive factors that support their individual development and learning. We recognize that for parents this has been a particularly difficult time as you have had to find ways to support your child’s education while managing work, home, and family needs during this time. Please accept our gratitude for continued and sustained support in helping your student(s) access packets, virtual meetings, time with specialists to meet their individual learning needs.

As the school year nears completion, we want you to know that, Tuesday, May 19th we will release the last packet that will be for “new learning.” On, Tuesday, May 26th each grade-level team or department will release a reference for summer learning to continue your student’s growth during the summer. In addition to this reference, the district’s Distance Learning webpage will remain active all summer with all the curriculum packets, resource links, and social emotional resources available throughout the summer as a reference for families. Families are encouraged to use this website and connected resources to review concepts and engage in learning so they are prepared for next school year. This week we will be releasing a short survey for students and families to share feedback on our distance learning program and ways we can continue to improve our outreach and support in critical times in our community when school programs are impacted. In addition, our teachers are already working on adjusting their curriculum for next Fall so that we can build on what has been learned during this distance learning period and help your student catch up quickly on skills or concepts they may have missed during this closure.

I also want to remind you that all report cards will be issued at the end of this school year. For elementary students, you can expect to see more “Not Applicable (NA)” or “Level 2 – Progressing” marks on your student’s report card this year as students have had far less physical and structured access to schools, teachers, and learning since March 13th. Additionally, for students at LMS and LHS, you will see “Pass (P)” and “No Grade (NG)” marks on their report cards per direction from Oregon Department of Education and the Governor’s Office. A “Pass (P)” will allow student to earn credit and progress towards graduation. A “No Grade (NG)” will be awarded only when a student has provided no information, work, or communication to demonstrate understanding of concepts or skills for this semester or quarter. At the high school level, a “No Grade (NG)” will result in a student not earning credit, maintaining on-track status for graduation, and, likely, repeating the course. Teachers have been communicating regularly with student(s) to encourage them to complete work and avoid a “No Grade (NG)” on their report card so they can continue on their path to graduation. If you are concerned about your child’s grade, please contact their teacher(s) immediately.

Lastly, from May 26 – June 2, we need students and families to return textbooks, Chromebooks, chargers, and all other checked out materials to avoid unnecessary fines and fees. Your building principals will be communicating specifics regarding how to return these items during this COVID-19 social distancing period. We appreciate your support in getting these items returned as they will be essential to our classrooms and students next school year.

Thank you,

Scott Carpenter


Union County School District Number One

1305 North Willow Street

La Grande, OR 97850-1392

(541) 663-3202 Fax (541) 663-3215

LGSD Director of Ed. Programs

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