La Grande School District is proud to have a very dedicated staff that is committed to working to provide a well balanced education to help our 21st century learners be successful in today's challenging environment.
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Staff Member/EmailPositionPhone numberWeb Address
Staff Member/EmailPositionPhone numberWeb Address
Anita Munoz School Cook 541-663-3285  
Dakota Hull Fourth Grade Teacher 541-663-3278  
Danika McIntosh Title One Teacher 541.663.3277  
Darren Hendrickson Fifth Grade 541-663-3290 Mr. Hendrickson 
Debbie Sloan Custodian 541-663-3285  
Debbie Waite Media Assistant III 541-663-3292 Island City Blog 
Dena Tams Secretary 541-663-3271  
Emily Manley First Grade Teacher 541-663-3288  
Holly Wagner Third Grade Teacher 541-663-3294  
Jeannette Smith Music Specialist 541-663-3296  
Jennifer Azure Resource Room Teacher 541-663-3291  
Joel Goldstein School Psychologist 541-663-3281  
John Tolan Principal 541-663-3275 Island City School Home Page 
Julie Younggren Paraeducator 541-663-3270  
Kathy McDevitt Paraeducator 541-663-3270  
Kim Garcia First Grade Teacher 541-663-3287  
Krista Stangel Speech Therapist 541-663-3281  
Kylee Goodwin Second Grade Teacher 541-663-3286 Mrs. Goodwin 
Lena Wheeling Second Grade Teacher 541-663-3289 Mrs. Wheeling 
Lena Wheeling Second Grade Teacher 541-663-3289 Wheeling - Tech Savvy in 2nd Grade 
Megan Banes Library Media Specialist 541-663-3292  
Melissa Kohler Title I Paraeducator 541-663-3277  
Neesha Turner Guidance Counselor  541-663-3276  
Nicole Wooldridge Paraeducator 541-663-3270  
Penny Hampton  Mealtime Secretary 541-663-3282  
Rachel Robinson Fourth Grade Teacher 541-663-3279  
Rob Moore Custodian 541-663-3285  
Sara Huffman Structered Learning Specialist 541-663-3248  
Sherri Anderson Title I Paraeducator 541-663-3277  
Sophia Thompson Reading Specialist 541-663-3292  
Sophia Wright Third Grade Teacher 541-663-3293  
Tory Weimer Fifth Grade Teacher 541-663-3295  
Wendie Perry Paraeducator 541-663-3271  
Zanah Larson ESL 541-663-3281  
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